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All samples are tested both in the in-house laboratory and in several external specialist laboratories. In addition to the sensory tests of taste, appearance and smell, this generally includes residue analyzes for pesticides (for all products) and antibiotics (also for honey). In the case of honey, there are other parameters that are examined: the water and enzyme content, the hydroxymethylfural value - HMF for short, which tells you how fresh a honey really is, the pollen analysis, which provides information about the botanical and geographical origin, the Fructose-Glucose Ratio and GMO Analysis.

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How it begins...

The quality work begins even before the raw materials reach us – with the selection of the right suppliers.

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Only when we have determined the best supplier for the respective product do we deal with the raw material itself.

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If the tests on the samples are OK, the raw goods can be dispatched.

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When the raw material arrives in Bremen, the transport containers are first checked for possible damage. Then we check that the marking is correct and traceable and add our own...

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